About Me/This Blog

My name is Alexandra.

I try to trust the dreaming part of my brain.

I was born in Chicago, IL, March 5th 1989.  As an aspiring writer, I have a great love of people. Not just characters, but real people. If it weren’t for people, I wouldn’t have anything to write about. There wouldn’t be anyone to read what I write. People help each other accomplish their dreams by talking to more people. That’s where my interest in Public Relations comes into play. Do you love books? I hope you do. Why else would you be reading this if you didn’t love stories, or some form of art? Think of a book you love. Now think back on how you first become aware of that book. Did you see an add in the back of another book? Notice a poster in a bookstore? A commercial maybe? There’s always been someone behind the curtain, the wind beneath the wings of that amazing, successful author we revere. That someone creates awareness, works hard to show the publics why a story is appealing, desirable, worthwhile. They make the author and that author’s work look GOOD! They are the PR people of book publishing.

Therefore the purpose of this blog is not only to try and doing a little promoting of my own work, but to provide some awareness about  public relations in the book selling world. Here you will find links, pictures, and my own thoughts on certain PR  companies and their methods, what I liked, learned, how I would have handled certain things differently, etc. I invite you to explore, read, comment, teach me—add what you know! I’m a strong advocate for life-long learning! Therein lies another “if-it-weren’t-for-people” point. WE NEED EACH OTHER.

Thus, welcome to my story…