Booked PR in England!

by alexwalborn

Here’s something refreshing. An independent UK Public Relations firm was recently established by this lady:

“After several years managing the in-house publicity department for an independent publisher, I launched Booked PR. What’s new? Being a trained journalist with a background in radio news, I have the depth and breadth of media contacts which make high profile coverage achievable. Having managed a hectic newsroom, I know exactly how a good press release should read and the best time to strike.” -Helen McCusker

Services of the company include:

  • Meeting the publisher and author pre-campaign
  • Press releases and long-lead mail outs
  • Access to a comprehensive media list
  • Interview planning and scheduling
  • Preparation for TV and Radio
  • Developing media relations
  • Serial rights management
  • Book signings and events

It’s nice to see a PR firm playing to the strengths of an ex-journalist, with experience in promoting finance, political, business, lifestyle and biographies. It sounds like she prides herself on developing and maintaining good relationships with not only the authors she represents, but also the journalists she interacts with on a daily basis. She says, “I find it useful to meet with them occasionally for coffee and discuss new promotional opportunities and features.”

Being conveniently located within a one-hour commute of London enables McCuster to accompany authors to most media engagements, which provides potential clients a look at the personable nature of Booked PR.

Here are some testimonials of clients:

“We have worked with Helen during the past year to promote our book and have been very impressed by her energy, enthusiasm and hard work. She is fun to deal with and will always go that extra mile for you”-Edmund and Helen Tirbutt, Beat the Booze

“Helen managed to secure prime time interviews for me on the Today programme and exclusive extracts in The Daily Mail. She was always a pleasure to work with” -Ross Clark, How to Label a Goat & The Road to Southend Pier

“Helen is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is unfailingly reliable, cheerfully determined to hunt out the best media opportunities for those she represents and possesses true creative flair” -Sally Nicoll, Bets and the City

“Helen supported the marketing of my first book, which helped lead to my appearance on the panel of the hit BBC series Dragons’ Den in 2007” -Richard Farleigh, Taming the Lion

“Helen was quite the investigator in acquiring many radio and television interviews for me and seemed to have entry into various areas of the media.” -Shirley Clarkson, author of Bearly Believable

“Helen has provided a huge boost to Sterling’s profile and reviews in the UK media. She worked on over 30 books in a short space of time and secured excellent coverage in channels we had not previously been exposed to. For example, Clean Food will be reviewed in a variety of high profile magazines this summer including Red, Health & Fitness and Sainsbury’s. She helped change the way we are perceived in the market and I look forward to working with Booked PR again in the future.” -Alec Grimsley

“I can say without reservation that Helen is worth every penny you will spend on her services. In particular she blends creativity in thinking of smart ways to get you in front of the right media and contacts, with a tireless work effort that is often way beyond the amount of hours you have paid for. My book is quite specialist and we worked hard together across 5 months to produce a selection of national newspaper articles, 15 plus BBC radio interviews and several key business publications have published features or book reviews. As a result of this extensive media coverage, Waterstones upgraded my book to core stock which should help enormously with high street sales. Helen has some great contacts but is also totally comfortable making cold calls to get you in front of the right people. If you can demonstrate your commitment, she’ll help to make your PR campaign a success!” -Mel Arora

There are plenty more where those came from, which says a lot the posotive feedback clients are giving Booked PR.

Also, something interesting to note: Booked PR was a finalist in the Publicity Circle Annual Awards in 2010, and winner of the Inspire 12 award. McCuster has set quite an impressive example in Book Publishing Public Relations.