Have no fear, Authoright is Here!

by alexwalborn

Are you looking for a good self-publishing company? Maybe you are on the hunt for a literary agent? Do you know how to market a book? Have you thought about eBook marketing? 

Authoright helps authors in all these areas and more, providing comprehensive book marketing services across the publishing industry. If you are a self-publishing author looking for effective book marketing services, if you are a self-publishing company wanting to provide book promotion solutions to your authors or a literary agent wanting to secure book publicity for your mid-list writers, then Authoright can help.

As you may have guessed by now, (based on my other posts, or probably from your own experience) successful book marketing has always been a challenge! Regardless of the medium through which an author publishes their work, knowing how to market a book is essential! According to Authoright, with the right book promotion plan, a self-publishing author can achieve the same levels of media exposure as an established writer. Who woulda thunk, right??

Authoright has a wide range of book promotion services, designed to raise the profile of any author and their book. This encompasses everything from eBook marketing, to a social media campaign and advertising books – meaning, authors appearing in newspapers and magazines, on television and radio, and trending online.

Authoright is passionate about new writers. Instead of working with “celebrity books”, (books written by big-name authors, making them shoe-ins to sell) they strive on behalf of new authors, to gain for them the same sort of book publicity and book advertising as the big shots.

The role of a literary agent is changing, (just as that of publisher and author is shifting.) Over the past few years, Authoright has been working more and more with literary agents to develop a series of creative and comprehensive services and support strategies that will make tackling these new challenges as effective as possible.

We all know that it’s becoming ever more difficult to sell work; budgets are tighter, competition is ubiquitous, and the requirements publishers place on your submissions can, at times, feel overwhelming. In order for any book to survive and ultimately become successful, it is critical that the author becomes an active promotional tool engaged in the publication of their book; publishers are investing less and less in terms of marketing support.

Authoright says, “If creative, energetic marketing is not put in place, the book won’t sell and no one will make a return.”

With book marketing budgets monopolized and absorbed by bestsellers, celebrities and distribution-marketing, there’s rarely anything left in the pot for debut or mid-list authors. This no longer needs to be the case! Authoright has developed a series of ‘outside-the-box’ marketing services that literary agents can pass on to their authors. Most are only too happy to invest in the future and the success of their writing. Authoright’s services are designed to be affordable to any author, enabling them to access and benefit from the same level of service that a best-seller would receive. (Again, doesn’t that sound great?! Isn’t that every up-and-coming author’s dream?)

In the new world order of publishing, the process no longer needs to be linear and one-dimensional. Agents are increasingly looking to broaden their horizons. Therefore, let Authoright help you!